Game Schedules

Sign up for games and the Northwest ASL Tournament


Sign Up for Games Here


That’s right, this is the place to sign up for games. Or it will be, once we get closer to the con. We’ll announce the opening of the schedule when it goes live, sometime this fall.

There’s Open PLay too!

We have open gaming for you spontaneous types too. The space has a big area set aside just for board and card games, which typically don’t need a reserved spot in the schedule. Check out the schedule once it's posted — we have an entire tab set up so you can post what you’d like to host in open play.


Sign Up for the ASL Tournament


Come and CX yourself at the NWASL Championships. We draw ASL players from across the US and Canada for three days of competitive play in a relaxed setting.

The tournament runs Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, with plenty of pick-up action before.

We’ll post tournament docs soon, once David “Winter” Wolfe (pictured here at his Arctic redoubt) gets them pulled together.

In the meantime, you can register for the con below.