Five Days of Gaming in Seattle

FEBRUARY 5 TO 9, 2020


The Games. All of them.


Start early, play late. We got wargames, board games, and card games running from Wednesday to Sunday — plus the Northwest Advanced Squad Leader Tournament that runs Friday through Sunday.

Join another 140+ people in a space with ample elbow (and beverage) room to spare. Schedule games ahead of time, show up from some drop-in action, or a little of both!


The Hotel

We’re back at the Red Lion Hotel in Bellevue for 2020 — featuring a big ‘ol room with plenty of natural light. Or, as much natural light February can muster in these parts.


Hey, Get a Room!

The room rate this year is a sweet $110 a night. Just ask for the Game On rate when you book!

Bellevue red lion

11211 Main St | Bellevue, WA 98004

(425) 455-5240


The Food & Drinks


Why would a gaming con dedicate a web page to food? Well, a cornerstone of Game On is having food and drinks delivered to your table while you game. (See how happy that made John?) We’re like that. And we know you are too.

  • A special “Gamer’s Menu” with food and drinks served to your table.

  • Uber Eats and Grubhub delivery welcome.

  • A free hotel shuttle that’ll take you anywhere within a three-mile radius.

  • Rooms with a fridge and microwave in case you get snacky.

  • Free snax from us during the day.

  • Free continental breakfast so you can fuel up for gaming.