Great Jumping Jeffrey, Game On 2020 is Already 75% Booked!


You folks are the best.

Just two weeks ago, we announced on our Facebook page that registration was open. And now here we are, 75% booked after that one post. Figured that today would be a good day to give you all a little update on how that’s been going, seeing that Game On! 2020 will give rise to five rocking days of gaming just five months from today. Thanks to all of you who’ve registered for our 9th con!

As always, we’re limiting registrations to 140 people to keep that cozy feel where you’re likely one introduction away from knowing everyone else in the room—which is how we started this thing way back in 2012 when Game On! was a word of mouth thing.

For those of you who’re still on the fence about registering, hop on it, lest you fall victim to an early February case of Game On! FOMO. (It happens.) The good news is that you can register now and still cancel by December 31st if your schedule gets wonky between now and then.

In a few days, we’ll shoot out an email to our mailing list, which includes all of our attendees from years past and a few new friends too. Our guess is that’ll rack up a few more registrations, so now’s a good time to sign up to ensure your spot. Wanna register? We’ll make it easy—here’s the link!

Per our registration page, Jeff will start invoicing folks in October, so keep your eyes open for an email then.

In the meantime, get clipping, sleeving, and sorting—you only have five months left until GAME ON!