We're Live, People!


We’re all about the new this year, aren’t we?

New convention digs, newly fallen snow during the convention, and now a new website. It’s about time too. One of the things we’re fixing to do is publish more news and info about the con here on the site, rather than our Facebook page. Let’s be honest. Despite Zuck’s efforts, not all of us are on Facebook. So, it makes sense to publish here (and share stuff there).

Another thing we’re suggesting for folks is to sign up for our mailing list, so we can totally spam you. Not! Rather, it’s just another way you can be sure you’re up to date on all the important con stuff, like when the registration opens, when we post the game schedule, etc. Give it a try. We absolutely won’t spam you and your info won’t be shared with third parties (sorry, not sorry, Zuck).


Can’t wait to see you folks in February!